1957 Silver Streak Model 4-19
Being sold "as is" or with restorations! 

$2500 Firm "as is"
Be your own designer!!
Sold on Bill of Sale 

Length:   19'    Width:  8"    Height:   7'8"     Weight:  2000-2500

Model  4-19 1957 Silver Streak (although the old owners painted it, so it isn't so silver right now). It's in poor condition but defiantly restore-able and totally worth it! Gutted on the inside and ready for a new life! 

•             It has NO LEAKS!!

•             The aluminum has some dents and is in fair shape

•             It's completely gutted on the inside

•             Floor in fair shape

Would be really cool restored. Not camp-able as is, please no emails asking if you can camping in it this weekend!  This is a project trailer but with love and time it has potential to be a rad vintage trailer!

Asking $2500.00 “as is” or approx. $28-30K completely restored (budget figure subject to change).

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